Defy Explanation

Can I stop feeling sick already?  

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Surprise road trip down the shore.  Picnic on the beach where the vinegar was stolen by seagulls thieves….who then wouldn’t stop stalking.  Watching the sunset over the ocean.  Pinks.  Purples.  Oranges.  A sailboat beneath the sun’s rays breaking through the clouds.  Empty boardwalk.  Fingers laced.  Too many amount of options in the candy shop.  Halloween mini golf.  Playful teasing.  Endless kisses.  I’m so in love. I can’t even keep my head from spinning right now; this is a new type of high and I’m addicted. 

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I should not be freaking out this badly about my Pre-Calc test tomorrow. 

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There are some secrets that they never tell you. They don’t tell you that the only reason there is beauty in life, is because one day it gets taken from you. You cannot defy mortality because it defines you. They don’t tell you that you’re at your strongest when you’re most vulnerable. Being uncomfortable is your biggest advantage. Use it to it’s full potential and it will help you flourish. Let it wear you away and your work will see it’s detriment.

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